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Service Scholarships

Service Scholarships are scholarships that have been established by various donors and that require the recipient to fulfill a service obligation such as working in the state of Mississippi after graduation. If the recipient chooses not to fulfill the service obligation, then the scholarship funds with interest must be repaid to the University of Mississippi Medical School.

If a recipient of a service scholarship fails to complete the program for which the service scholarship was received, then the recipient will have to repay the scholarship funds with interest.

After graduation, a recipient who is fulfilling his/her service requirement must complete an annual deferment form until the service requirement has been completed. Filing a deferment form is not a cancellation of the service requirement; it is a request for the deferment of repayment while the service requirement is being fulfilled.

After a full year of service, a recipient also must complete an annual cancellation form to receive credit for that year of service.