IP IEPs and Reports

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Annual IP IEP Report

In addition to containing information from the assessment plan, IEP reports also include the following for each outcome:

Target attainment

  • Indicating whether findings were met, partially met or did not meet target thresholds

Summary of results

  • Program data is summarized, and major accomplishments are described
  • Information is described in terms of stated achievement targets
  • Sub-category information is included to guide improvement efforts
  • Findings are analyzed/interpreted to document use of information in decision-making
  • Supplemental materials/related documents are provided (as needed)


  • Look-back on previous data and actions following outcome re-assessment
  • Compares current and previous outcome data
  • Describes the current impact of actions taken in a previous assessment cycle
  • Identifies whether a previous action resulted in a currently observed improvement
  • Distinguishes sub-areas where data improvements were observed in the current cycle

Use of results/actions implemented narrative

  • Specifies a change (action) in the current assessment cycle that is intended to impact performance measures in a future assessment cycle.