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Nuventive Improve

The University of Mississippi Medical Center uses Nuventive Improve, a Nuventive software product for institutional assessment reporting. The system provides the means to track effectiveness in student training and support services; thereby fulfilling standards to examine and demonstrate quality improvement over time.

Who uses Nuventive Improve?

Those who oversee assessment activities for their department, generate annual institutional effectiveness plans (IEPs and IEP reports), or participate in institutional effectiveness reviews have assigned roles within Nuventive Improve and are considered the primary end-users of the software.

End-users interface with the Nuventive Improve system most often at the beginning and at the end of assessment cycles; submitting data on behalf of their unit (submitters) or reviewing effectiveness plans/reports on behalf of the institutional assessment committee (reviewers).

Submitters are typically directors of instructional programs (e.g. PhD in Biochemistry) or administrative-educational support service units (e.g. Office of Enrollment Management). Program faculty and unit personnel may also serve as submitters for their program or service area.

Reviewers are members of the Institutional Assessment Committee. The committee is comprised of faculty and service unit personnel who appraise IEPs/IEP reports and assure that data is used to monitor outcome achievement, inform decision-making, and provide the foundation for continuous quality improvement.



UMMC employees may access Nuventive Improve at Sign-in using UMMC credentials is required.

Request access

Request permission to the UMMC Nuventive Improve site by emailing the Office of Assessment. Requestors should provide the following information with their request:

  • program/unit/area
  • telephone extension
  • brief statement describing the requestor's intended role within the system

The Office of Assessment will process the request and provide notification when the request has been approved. Each instructional program (IP) and administrative-educational support (AES) unit should have at least two individuals who represent the program/unit/area within Nuventive Improve.