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2022 Seminar Series

Seminars are held from noon-1 p.m. Wednesdays either virtually or in CW106. All students, faculty and staff are invited to attend. For more information, contact Courtney Graham in the Department of Physiology at 
(601) 984-1820.

01/05/2022No SeminarNo SeminarNo Seminar
01/12/2022Dr. Xuan LiSestrin2 Plays an Essential Role in Regulating the Unfolded Protein Response During Cardiac Ischemia/Reperfusion and Preventing Excessive Myocardial ApoptosisUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
01/19/2022Dr. Michael HallBridging Basic, Clinical and Population Science Research: Challenges and Opportunities UMMC- Dept. of Physiology
01/26/2022Dr. Erin TaylorImmune System Dysfunction in the Pathogenesis of Hypertension in AutoimmunityUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
02/02/2022Dr. Thomas SchererLeptin- A Regulator of Hepatic Lipid MetabolismMedical University of Vienna
02/09/2022Dr. Eric GeorgeThe Placental Extracellular MatrixUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
02/16/2022Dr. John ClemmerPhysiological Models of Hypertensive Kidney Disease and Diastolic FailureUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
03/02/2022Dr. Jennifer StancillProtective Mechanisms in Pancreatic β-cells: From Antioxidants to AntiviralsMedical College of Wisconsin
03/09/2022Dr. Kathleen CoreyNon-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease as a Risk Factor for Cardiovascular DiseaseHarvard Medical School
03/16/2022Dr. Lisandra de Castro BrasUsing Natural Peptides To Prevent  Long-term Adverse Cardiac RemodelingEast Carolina University
03/23/2022Dr. Zhen WangMechanismsof Synergistic Interactions of Hypertension and Diabetesin Promoting Kidney InjuryUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
04/06/2022No SeminarExperimental Biology ConferenceNo Seminar
04/13/2022Dr. Johannes van BerloCardiac Remodeling and RegenerationUniversity of Minnesota
04/20/2022Dr. William A. "Drew" PruettIdentifying Boundaries of Population Phenotypes Using Prediction ErrorUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
04/27/2022Dr. Renata PereiraATF4 Integrates Mitochondrial Stress in Brown Adipose Tissue with Improved Metabolic FitnessUniversity of Iowa
05/04/2022Dr. Sonia NajjarIs Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis an Insulin Resistance Disease?Ohio University
05/11/2022Dr. Marat FudimNAFLD and Heart FailureDuke University
05/18/2022Dr. Xiaochen HeThe Role of NK Cells in the Progression of Heart FailureUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
05/25/2022Dr. Harini SampathRegulation of Metabolic Health by Intestinal Delta-9 DesaturasesRutgers University
06/01/2022Dr. Harry PantazopoulosExtracellular Matrix Abnormalities Across Psychiatric DisordersUMMC-Psychiatry and Human Behavior
06/08/2022Dr. Frank SpradleyUMMC- Surgery
06/15/2022Dr. Barbara AlexanderUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
06/22/2022Dr. Robert RaffaiUniversity of California-San Francisco Parnassus
06/29/2022Dr. Ana PaleiUMMC-Surgery
07/06/2022No SeminarIndependence Day HolidayNo Seminar
07/13/2022UMMC- Dept. of Physiology
07/20/2022Dr. Keisa MathisUniversity of North Texas
07/27/2022UMMC- Dept. of Physiology
08/03/2022Dr. Lee BidwellUMMC- Neurology
08/10/2022Dr. Alejandro ChadeUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
08/17/2022Dr. Ana OmotoUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
08/24/2022Dr. David StecUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
08/31/2022Scientific Sessions Practice TalksUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
09/07/2022No SeminarScientific SessionsNo Seminar
09/14/2022Dr. Joshua SpeedUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
09/21/2022Dr. Heather DrummondUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
09/28/2022Dr. Xu ChenUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
10/05/2022Dr. Thales BarbosaUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
10/19/2022Dr. Olufunto BadmusUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
10/26/2022Dr. Jussara do CarmoUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
11/02/2022Dr. Alexandre da SilvaUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
11/03/2022Dr. Max CooperEmory University School of Medicine
11/09/2022Dr. Robert HesterUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
11/16/2022Madison NewberryUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
11/23/2022No SeminarThanksgiving HolidayNo Seminar
11/30/2022Dr. Yingjie ChenUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
12/07/2022Umesh BhattaraiUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
12/14/2022Dr. Alan MoutonUMMC- Dept. of Physiology
12/21/2022No SeminarChristmas HolidayNo Seminar
12/28/2022No SeminarChristmas HolidayNo Seminar