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Barbara Gisabella, PhD

Barbara GisabellaAssistant Professor
Office: TRC, Room 408
(601) 815-7984

Research interests

The research goal of the Gisabella lab is to improve our understanding of mechanisms regulating learning and memory and identify how these systems go awry in psychiatric disorders and aging. Current projects are designed to examine the morphological and molecular correlates of memory consolidation during sleep using viral vector mediated gene manipulation and transgenic mice combined with fear learning and EEG recordings of sleep architecture.

Our long-term research goal is to establish the mechanisms involved in strengthening emotional memories during sleep and use this knowledge to develop treatment and preventative measures for psychiatric disorders including PTSD, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Current Funding:
NIH R21 Grant: MH117460
Morphological Correlates of Memory Consolidation During Sleep – PI-Gisabella, 2019-2021

Recent publications

*In last four years