M3 Clerkship

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Course Objectives

While rotating in General Medicine 631, medical students are expected to attend classroom MKSAP sessions and watch podcasts of lectures pertaining to the nine subspecialties covered: Infectious diseases, nephrology, pulmonary, cardiology, endocrinology, oncology, digestive diseases, hematology and rheumatology.

In addition to attending lecture, the junior student will also take part in the clinical rotation which will account for the majority of the final grade. The third-year student will spend four weeks at University Hospital and four weeks at the VA hospital. The student is assigned to a house staff team and is scheduled to take after-hours calls with that team (including weekends).

Grading System for M3 Clerkship
Tests (3 x 4% each)12%
UMC/VA wards50%
Board score20%
Mini-CEX (2 x 1.5% each)3%
Clinical skills assessment10%