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Chief Residents


Welcome to the University of Mississippi Medical Center! We are glad you are considering our program to continue your training in internal medicine.

We are the four chief residents for the 2018-19 academic year and while we all have different stories and personalities, we share one thing in common - we love our training program, our leadership and our residents! Each of us are pursing different careers in medicine but we are all excited to use this year to serve, teach, mentor and work with our amazing faculty, residents and students. 

Mississippi is one of the most underserved states in the country and we are part of the only Level 1 academic hospital in this state. The patients that we are privileged to care for on a daily basis truly need our skills. The learning opportunities at UMMC are limitless, and we know that our graduates are ready to practice independently or continue to fellowship training at the end of their residency. Our residents learn in a multitude of ways and our training program offers educational excellence in bedside teaching, morning report case presentations, didactic sessions at noon conferences, and procedure training with ultrasound in our new state-of-the-art simulation center.

Mississippi is known as the 'Hospitality State' and our residents live up to this motto. As you will see firsthand when you visit our program, the residents at UMMC truly are family. The camaraderie amongst the residents is showcased in their support for one another at the hospital and the fun times enjoyed outside of the hospital, whether at the annual bowling and golf tournaments, crawfish boil, or spontaneous gatherings at local pubs, festivals, and minor league baseball games.

We look forward to meeting you!

Jeremy, Sarah, Kelly and Murphy