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Resident Wellness Committee


A group of residents participated in the Mississippi Blues Marathon.jpgOur mission is to identify barriers, facilitate improvement, and continuously support the overall wellness of internal medicine resident physicians at UMMC.


Our vision is to perpetually refine the internal medicine resident experience at UMMC by advancing the resolution of logistical and institutional barriers, enhancing the workplace environment via improved nutritional opportunities and workspace conditions, and being a catalyst for the overall betterment of the resident lifestyle by coordination of social events, community service and the support of outlets for mental and physical health.


Co-Chair: Chris Bourean, MD
Co-Chair: Kaitlyn Renfrow, MD
Faculty Advisor: Amanda Clark, MD

  • Becky Browning, DO
  • Lucas Buchanan, DO
  • Taryn Green, MD
  • Charles Grogan, MD
  • Mark Lelli, MD
  • Meredith Sloan, MD

  • Katie Howell, MD
  • Kaitlyn Renfrow, MD
  • Meagan Robbins, MD
  • Will Crews, MD 
  • Anna Owings, DO 
  • David Lott, DO



  • Jasmine Padgett, MD 
  • Miles DeBardeleben, MD
  • Peyton Treutel, MD 

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