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Mississippi Baptist Medical Center

The residency program has had an affiliation with MBMC since the beginning of the department/program in 1973. The program operates an inpatient service of continuity and unreferred ED patients. Though there is no cap, the goal of the service is to maintain a service of 15 patients minimum to accommodate the RRC-FM requirements for residency training. All faculty have privileges at MBMC. One faculty provides hospital team leading for the resident/student team for 2 weeks at a time on a rotating basis. While team leading, this faculty is onsite 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday and exempt from other clinical duties. Coverage of the service on nights, weekends and holidays is by the on-call faculty. 

MBMC allows two unique opportunities for resident experience:

  • Residents see all of our own clinic patients in the ED for initial assessment and admission if necessary.  One upper level resident per month is also present in the ED for part of their emergency medicine curricular experience, so there is first-hand experience in patient urgent/emergent management, both with our own patients and others in the ED.
  • Faculty have ICU and CCU admission privileges so residents manage their own patients in these settings.