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Curriculum and Course Descriptions - HIM Track

Health Information Management (HIM) Track

First Year 
Fall Semester  Hours  
HI 600 Health Information Management3
HI 601 Medical Concepts 3
*HI 621 Clinical  Classification Systems I  (1 semester hour) 
Spring SemesterHours
HI 608 Data Architecture, Analytics & Visualization3
HI 630 Health Information Systems3
*HI 622 Clinical  Classification Systems II  (1 semester hour) 
Summer SemesterHours
HI 606 Management of Health Information Services and Systems3
HI 634 Development of Electronic Health Information Systems    3
*HI 623 Clinical  Classification Systems III  (1 semester hour) 
Total    6
Second Year 
Fall Semester Hours
HI 610 Topics in Privacy, Security, Legal Aspects of Health Information3
HI 611 Research Design and Statistics in Health Informatics3
*HI 625 Clinical Documentation Improvements Strategies (1 semester hour) 
Spring SemesterHours
HI 632 Databases & Knowledge Management3
HI 613 Health Care Performance Improvement Strategies3
*HI 684 Management Capstone  (1 semester hour) 
Summer Semester  Hours
HI 615 Health Care Reimbursement and Financial Management3
HI 699 Capstone in Health Informatics & Information Management 3
Total Credit Hours for Degree36 
*Total Credit for RHIA eligibility41

* Elective necessary for RHIA eligibility

Course descriptions - HIM track

Course descriptions can be viewed on pgs. 220-223 in the UMMC Bulletin