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On July 1, 2019, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) will retire the Loansome Doc system. The system is closing due to a continued decrease in use that peaked in 2002. Therefore, Rowland is no longer accepting Loansome Doc registrations. Updates and next steps for our unaffiliated users will be posted as available.  

Loansome Doc enables PubMed users to order documents found in MEDLINE. Articles can be ordered from a list of citations retrieved from PubMed.

How do I participate?

Before using Loansome Doc with the Rowland Medical Library, you must:

View terms of agreement - UMMC Affiliates
View terms of agreement - Non-Affiliates

(If you already have a Loansome Doc account through the National Library of Medicine (NLM), the authorization code that you receive from Rowland after your registration is approved will allow you to add Rowland as an ordering library).

NOTE: If you do not have a Loansome Doc Account with NLM, please proceed with the instructions below after receiving your authorization code from Rowland.

Go to: to complete the National Library of Medicine's Loansome Doc application.

  • Click Sign Up.

Complete the registration form.

  • Click on Skip This Step since you have already received our authorization code via email notification.
  • Enter our authorization code where prompted, then click continue.
  • Select the category that best describes you, and click continue.
  • Review the terms listed. If you agree, check off the box at the bottom of the screen and then click accept.

Create your login information by entering your email address. Your email address will serve as your login ID.

  • Next, create a password.
  • Enter your address information.
  • Choose your preferred delivery method.
  • Leave Max Cost per Article blank. By leaving this field blank, the user agrees to pay appropriate fees as indicated in the terms of agreement.

Verify and edit any fields that require changes and then click Complete Registration.

What if the requested item is not in Rowland's collection?

Interlibrary loan services are available for UMMC affiliates.

For non-affiliated users, the library only fills requests for items that are in our holdings. For all other resources, non-affiliated users are encouraged to utilize other Loansome Doc providers or commercial document delivery services. It is the responsibility of non-affiliate users to investigate these services.

How do I order?

Once registered with us:

  • Search PubMed.
  • Check the box(es) by the citation(s) you want.
  • Choose Order from the Send to dropdown menu (upper right of screen)

Non-affiliates should deselect the citations that are not in Rowland's holdings before continuing to delivery options at the bottom of the page. The library does not provide interlibrary loan services for non-affiliates.

Click Proceed to Delivery Options.

  • Enter order details.
  • Enter your department charge code or grant accounting unit and activity number in the comments to library box. (Required-Affiliates only).
  • Non-Affiliates are not required to provide any information in the comments to library box.
  • Read the copyright compliance documentation, check off the box to indicate this, and then click Continue.
  • Click Send Order.

How will my request be processed?

Once an order is submitted, requests are quickly and automatically sent to your selected library. Articles are delivered as PDF email attachments. Rowland does not accept RUSH requests via Loansome Doc.

How do I check the status of my request?

You may view the status of your Loansome Doc orders immediately after an order is sent. The Status page in your account displays the request number, request date, the status of the order, status date, author(s), title of the article, citation, and the PMID (PubMed ID number).

Updates are as follows:

  1. Pending - Not viewed by library
  2. Pending - Received by library
  3. Filled
  4. Could not be filled
  5. Could not be filled - Request Expired

Non-affiliates: Requests for items not in Rowland's holdings will not be filled.


  • Requests may be canceled prior to processing without incurring charges. If the request has already been processed, applicable fees WILL apply.
  • Affiliates: Departmental Charge Code or Grant Accounting Unit and Activity Number must be provided at the time of your order. Provide this information in the "comments" field.
  • Non-Affiliates: The Library sends daily invoices. Invoices can be paid by a check drawn from a U.S. bank. Two copies of each invoice are provided. Please return one copy with payment.
Affiliates (UMMC faculty, staff or researchers)

$0.15 (per page)
Items in our holdings only
Additional fees may apply for interlibrary loans


$20 (per article) + tax *
Items in our collection only.
No interlibrary loans.

*Sales tax is assessed for all in-state services. Upon registering with Rowland, users must supply appropriate documentation for tax exemption.

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