MD-PhD Dual Degree Program

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Application process

Students applying to this combined program should follow guidelines for both the medical school and graduate school.

Applicants must be accepted to both the School of Medicine and the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences.

Students must take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

Lab rotations

Laboratory rotations allow students the opportunity to discover the many different areas of research at UMMC, familiarize themselves with the lab communities and determine whether a particular lab environment would be suitable for their dissertation research.

During the summer terms prior to their M1 and M2 years, MD/PhD students are required to complete lab rotations in a minimum of three mentors' labs in 2 different departments. The summer prior to their M1 year, the student will complete a five-week rotation in two different biomedical science programs. For the summer prior to the M2 year, the student may opt to complete the entire 10-week lab rotation in only one program or choose a new one. Registering for one (1) credit of lab rotation is considered a full-time course load during the summer term.


A scholarship was established in 2001 as an MD/PhD scholarship and renamed in honor of Dr. A. Wallace Conerly, Vice Chair Emeritus for Health Affairs and Dean Emeritus of the School of Medicine. This scholarship provides for a stipend and full tuition for qualified medical students enrolled in the MD/PhD program. There is a limited number of scholarships and stipends available to MD/PhD students.

For more information:

Hanna Broome

Dr. Hanna Broome
MD/PhD Program Director
School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences
(601) 984-1195