Rural Health Champion Award

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Rural Health Champion Award

The Myrlie Evers-Williams Institute for the Elimination of Health Disparities at the University of Mississippi Medical Center is committed to improving the health, health care and health care delivery systems of rural Mississippi communities. As such, we admire individuals who share this commitment. Most often, this work goes unnoticed.

In recognition of these individuals, our office will select one (1) Rural Health Champion annually from the state of Mississippi. This prestigious award will be given to an "unsung hero" who makes a notable contribution to health, health care or a health care delivery system in a rural Mississippi community. This award is given in conjunction with National Rural Health Day. The third Thursday of November each year has been designated for this auspicious day.

The award winner will be presented with a plaque by an Evers-Williams Institute representative in the community in which the recipient lives. The award will be presented on National Rural Health Champion Day or at a time mutually agreed upon by the award winner and the Evers-Williams Institute. Additionally, the Evers-Williams Institute representative will take a photo with the award winner, which will be displayed in the Institute. The award will be announced in the recipient's local newspaper, local news media (i.e., print, radio, television), and UMMC's news.

Nomination information

The nomination deadline has passed for the 2019 Rural Health Champion. Check back later for 2020 nomination information.