Project: Every Child, A Registry, Eligibility, Screening, Biology, and Outcome Study

About this Study

This study is a mechanism of maintaining a Childhood Cancer Registry which will use clinical and biological data to determine eligibility for risk stratification on therapeutic studies.  The study will also be used to develop a childhood cancer repository for current and future research by collecting biospecimens at the time of diagnosis, time of progression, time of recurrence and/or post-mortem from every child diagnosed with cancer at COG institutions.  The study will also allow the use of registry data for permission to be contacted in the future to consider taking part in non-therapeutic and prevention research studies involving the child and/or their parents.

Sponsor Protocol ID:APEC14B1
IRB Number:2015-0278
Actively Enrolling
Early Phase 1
May 29, 2019
Eligibility Criteria
25 years old
Both Male and Female

Inclusion CriteriaBoth men and women of all races and ethnic groups are eligible for this study.

Exclusion CriteriaNone