Impact of Oral Immulina Supplementation on Natural Killer Cell Activities and Other Biomarkers Associated with Increasing Host Immune Resilience to Upper Respiratory Viruses in Normal Human Volunteers

About this Study

This study  aims to establish the impact of the oral supplement, Immulina TM, on enhancing host resiliience to the effects of viral influenza infections in humans.

Sponsor Protocol ID:000000
IRB Number:2020-0020
Actively Enrolling
Phase 2
November 28, 2022
Eligibility Criteria
18 years old
99 years old
Both Male and Female

Inclusion Criteria
  • Ages 18-64 (study group 1) or ages 65 and above (study group 2)
  • Any chronic illness must be determined by PI to be stable
  • Ability to understand the specific activities required to participate in the trial

Exclusion Criteria
  • Any acute illness or significant injury within 30 days of enrollment
  • Specific disease entities, which, in the opinion of the PI, could reasonably be assumed to have dysfunctional immune function as a component of their illness
  • Active autoimmune diseases regardless of clinical stability
  • History of unstable chronic illness within 30 days of enrollment
  • Unable/unwilling to commit to multiple research clinic visits which will be described in detail

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Participating Locations
University Hospital - UMMC
Contact Information
Contact Name: Joy Walker
Phone Number: 601-815-9282
Principal Investigator:Marshall, Gailen D, M.D., Ph.D.
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