The Pediatric Spine Registry

About this Study

The Pediatric Spine Registry is operated by The Children's Spine Foundation. It will be comprised of clinical data that will be used retrospectively to study complex spine and chest wall disorders in children. The purpose of this database is to provide a multi-center patient registry allowing investigators to combine patient data of this very small patient population that will be used for future research for projects involving the study of complex spine and chest wall disorders in children.

Sponsor Protocol ID:2019-0260
IRB Number:2019-0260
Actively Enrolling
Early Phase 1
November 25, 2019
Eligibility Criteria
40 years old
Both Male and Female

Inclusion Criteria

All patients with spine and/or chest wall disorders.

Exclusion Criteria

Patient participates in another registry/database with the specific objective to collect pediatric spine deformity data.

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Participating Locations
Batson Children’s Hospital
Contact Information
Contact Name: Leslie Johnson
Phone Number: 601-815-3067
Principal Investigator:Brooks, Jaysson T, M.D.
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