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Experimental Therapeutics

The Experimental Therapeutics program members work to find new drug therapies for cancer and to design more effective drugs that specifically target cancer and are less toxic.

The program most closely unites the Cancer Center and Research Institute’s Drug Discovery Core, a part of the National Center for Natural Products Research at the University of Mississippi, with researchers at UMMC enabling the scientists to find new natural products with anti-cancer properties and test it on specific cancers.

The program unites basic researchers, translational researchers and physicians to more quickly identify and develop new therapies, to make those therapies highly effective and to minimize side effects.  

Dr. Shou-Ching Tang, associate director for clinical and translational research, heads the program. 

Members of this program search for:

  • Molecular and genetic targets, delving into therapies for types of cancer, subtypes and variations within those subtypes in a quest to fully provide personalized medicine.
  • Natural products or components of natural products that have cancer-fighting properties.
  • Natural products or components of natural products that boost the body’s natural cancer-fighting mechanisms.

Scientific members

  • David Pasco
  • Pier Paulo Claudio
  • Yann Gibert
  • Kenneth Sufka
  • Larry Walker

Clinical members

  • Christopher Anderson
  • Barbara Craft
  • Truman Earl
  • Stephanie Elkins
  • Robert Hamilton
  • Clark Henegen
  • John Lam
  • Jack Lewin
  • Gail Megason
  • Charles Pound
  • Louis Puneky
  • John Ruckdeschel
  • Srinivasan Vijayakumar
  • Vani Vijayakumar