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Overview of Mississippi Health Policy Fellowship

Akeem Adebayo, MD, MBAJune 5, 2019Presentation
  • Overview of the Mississippi Health Policy Fellowship
  • Describe how the Mississippi Legislative process is developed using two real and recent case scenarios of two bills (Passed & Failed)
  • Describe my Policy brief on artificial meat bill
  • Describe the plans for the future for different bills by different advocacy groups in the state

From God Committees to Medical Homes:
The Evolution of Population Health for Kidney Diseases

Tariq Shafi, MD, MHS, MBBSMarch 25, 2019Presentation
  • Provide an overview of the epidemiology of kidney diseases
  • Describe the morbidity and mortality associated with kidney diseases
  • Discuss the opportunities for population health strategies for kidney disease prevention, reducing disparities, and improving outcomes

Physical Inactivity, Physical Activity, Physical Training and Physical Fitness:
a step-by-step translational journey

Michael A. Welsch, PhDFeb. 25, 2019Presentation
  • Define physical (in)activity, physical training and physical fitness
  • Describe the consequences of physical inactivity versus the benefits of physical activity
  • Demonstrate the dose-response relationship between activity and health outcomes
  • Discuss the importance of the ingredients of physical training across the life-span
  • Stimulate the development on an integrated UMMC research agenda on "moving" patients, students, and clinicians

Multidisciplinary approaches in assuring the quality, safety and efficacy of TM/botanicals

Ikhlas Khan, PhDJan. 20, 2019Presentation
  • Natural products and it uses in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
  • Difficulties in assessing the quality of supplements
  • Safety concerns
  • Future research needs and future prospects of natural products in CAM


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  • TBD


Exploring the HIV Care Continuum: Making the Invisible Visible

Leandro Mena, MDSept. 17, 2018Presentation
  • Describe HIV/AIDS disparities in the United States
  • Describe steps of the HIV “neutral” care continuum
  • Identify challenges to HIV prevention in the South
  • Describe local HIV prevention programmatic and research efforts

Hypoxia Associated Genes on Disparities in the Aggressiveness of Prostate Cancer: Population Health Implications

Ingrid Espinoza, PhDJuly 16, 2018Presentation
  • Prostate cancer disparity
  • Identification of molecular markers associated with prostate cancer and race
  • Implications of our translational and clinical findings on prostate cancer and health disparity

Use of Computer Simulation to Understand Population Responses to Therapy

Robert L. Hester, PhDJune 4, 2018Presentation
  • Understand how physiological models are developed
  • Understand how populations are created
  • Understand the use of Topological Data Analysis for determining populations resistant to treatment

Geospatial Research and Resources at UMMC

Fazlay S. Faruque, PhDMarch 26, 2018Presentation
  • Identify geospatial resources at UMMC
  • Recognize the basics of geospatial technology applicable in health research and health care
  • Evaluate the geospatial health research activities at UMMC
  • Identify collaboration opportunities using geospatial tools at UMMC

Early Impact of a Statewide Neonatal Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening Program

Sarosh P. Batlivala, MDFeb. 6, 2018Presentation
  • Newborn screening program can lead to fewer delayed diagnoses and fewer cardiac interventions

Obesity and Dementia: A Paradoxical Association?

Nancy West, PhDJuly 31, 2017Presentation
  • Accumulating evidence suggests that a high body mass index, measured in late life, may be associated with lower risk of dementia. Could a higher BMI in older ages reflect a protective physiologic effect?

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