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MSRP Summer of Research

The MSRP Summer of Research experience is designed to introduce M1 medical students to the MSRP and provide them with a focused research experience under supervision of a UMMC mentor. The goal is to expose medical students to research, provide them with initial tools for development as a physician scientist, and guide the best student and mentor teams towards development of a competitive application for the Full MSRP Option.

M1 students will be notified about the MSRP Summer of Research experience in November. Interested students may apply to the MSRP Summer of Research, with the application due in February. After a competitive application process and at the end of the M1 year, selected students will participate in a 10-week summer research experience under the direction of a faculty research mentor. Students will be provided a modest stipend ($4,000). Students accepted into the MSRP Summer of Research are required to: 1) work 8.5 hours per day on their research; 2) attend 90% of the Summer MSRP Lecture Series; 3) complete a performance review survey at the end of the summer experience; and 4) give an oral presentation to the MSRP students and committee at the end of summer that summarizes their research experience. It is also expected that students will attend all lab meetings, dress appropriately for the department in which they do their research, and actively participate in all lab functions during their summer experience. Mentors are expected to meet regularly with students and provide sufficient oversight so that students can have the best research experience possible.

The Summer MSRP Lecture Series is held at noon each Friday for 10 weeks over the summer. The required performance review at the end of the MSRP Summer of Research will include both a review of the mentor and of the MSRP (program and experience). The required oral presentations at the end of summer typically lasts 5 minutes with 2 additional minutes for questions and will be held during the last week of the program over a period of two to three days.

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Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at (601) 815-5000,, or Jennifer Kennedy if you have questions or need assistance.