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Standardized Patient Employment Opportunities

Standardized patients (SPs) at UMMC are paid $20/hour, but the hours are sporadic, depending on the needs for particular cases (based on age, gender, presenting condition, etc.) and SP availability. Most SPs work 250-300 hours/year, but the range is from 10 hours/year to over 400 hours/year. 

Work as an SP is typically good for people who have flexible schedules, like stay-at-home parents, self-contracted workers, and retirees.  Standardized patients are UMMC employees, so potential new SPs have to go through the UMMC application/hiring process.

In most of the JGGCSC activities, SPs wear hospital gowns provided by the center, although sometimes they wear street clothes. Because the JGGCSC is a learning/evaluation environment, almost all of the activities are video recorded, so SPs must agree to being recorded in order to participate. 

Interested in becoming a standardized patient at UMMC? Contact Deborah Newell at (601) 815-4779 or for more information or to schedule an interview.