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Charitable Gift Options

Giving Options to Fit Every Budget

Everyone has different things that must be accounted for in a budget, and juggling it all can make it hard to continue supporting favorite charitable causes, including the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). By combining your current support with a future—or planned—gift, you can make a big impact to help improve the lives of Mississippians.

Support UMMC Today

  • Donate cash. You can give a little every year or one lump sum.
  • Make a gift of other assets. Stocks, bonds, and real estate make it possible to give a larger donation for less cost— and provide you with tax benefits.

Plan Your Support for Later

  • Include UMMC in your will. As little as one sentence in your will is all it takes to complete your gift—it’s an easy and flexible way to extend your support.
  • Designate UMMC as a beneficiary. You can name UMMC as a beneficiary of your retirement plan assets or a life insurance policy by simply contacting your plan administrator or insurance company and requesting a change-of-beneficiary form.

To discover more ways you can plan a gift to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, contact Meredith Aldridge by phone (601) 815-7469 or email.