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Leadership Recruitment

Leadership hiring is arguably the most important task that an academic center must oversee. Wrong decisions prove to be costly in many ways and also deleterious to morale. Good decisions pay off in the long run and it's about recruiting to retain, not recruiting as a numbers game. The reality is that recruiting and retaining top talent in academic medicine requires planning and hard work during the recruitment stage.

In the past, leaders at AHCs predominantly were concerned with fulfilling the esteemed tripartite missions of patient care, research and education. Today, academic leader's time and energy are occupied by a different set of tasks that have a distinct business orientation, including winning contracts, enhancing revenue, reducing costs, recruiting and managing a diverse workforce, and dealing with consumer satisfaction and marketing. In response to these intrinsic culture changes, UMMC has designed search processes that focus on identifying candidates who are “future oriented” rather than traditional. These processes allow us to identify candidates who most clearly share our same organization values.

The Academic and Leadership Recruiting team in the Office of Faculty Affairs manages different leadership searches across the campus. If you are interested in learning more about our search processes or leadership opportunities at UMMC, we encourage you to reach out to us directly.

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