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Talent Development

Who we are and what we do

In Talent Development, we help team members do their job better by connecting them with knowledgeable peers across the organization, providing resources, and/or developing ongoing programs and coaching to help them realize their potential and maximize achievement. We put people first and believe people development and engagement is a long-term process.
We see ourselves as People Developers and Knowledge Brokers. Our goal is to provide development for our team members and meet them wherever they are in their career.

Training and development can look different depending on the employee(s) need. It could be elbow support, classroom, a book or an article … whatever it takes to develop skills and create a learning organization. Our classroom workshops are interactive and very participatory, which is done through role playing, activities, and practice sessions.

We believe development is continuous, which is our approach to designing Talent Development programs. Our programs include:

  • New employee orientation (NEO)
  • Clinical provider onboarding
  • Success skills for managers/supervisors
  • Leadership orientation
  • Workplace competency program
If you are interested in training and development for you and/or your team, contact a Talent Development team member or email Talent Development.