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New Employee Orientation

New employee orientation is a weekly program to welcome new employees and acclimate them to the culture of UMMC. Not only is this time used to introduce employees to the various people and departments they will need to know during their tenure at UMMC, but they are given a chance to have their questions answered and engage with their new coworkers.

Several goals are achieved through new employee orientation:

  • Introduce UMMC’s brand and commitment expectations
  • Identify UMMC’s mission, vision and values
  • Define professionalism and standards of performance at UMMC
  • Identify UMMC’s patient safety initiatives
  • Review core policies and processes that result in the effectiveness of the institution
  • Understand the importance of diversity and inclusion at UMMC

In addition to the in-person orientation, new employees also have assignments to complete in HealthStream as part of their onboarding. These assignments are in place to reiterate information given on Day One and to cover additional information that was not covered in the initial session.

New hires should complete these HealthStream assignments within the designated time frame based on their hire date.