EMPERIAL STUDY: EMPagliflozin 10 mg compared with placebo on ExeRcise ability and heart failure symptoms, In patients with chronic HeArt FaiLure with preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF)

About this Study

The purpose of this study is to learn more about heart failure with preserved ejection fraction which is a type of heart failure and means the heart is not working as well as it should. We also want to see if an experimental medication called empagliflozin helps improve heart failure symptoms and patients' quality of life.

Sponsor Protocol ID:1245-0167
IRB Number:2019-0006
Closed for Enrollment
Phase 3
May 28, 2019
Eligibility Criteria
18 years old
Both Male and Female

Inclusion Criteria
  •  ≥ 18 years at screening 
  • Male or female patients  
  • Signed and dated written informed consent 

Exclusion Criteria

1. Patients in a structured (according to Investigator judgement) exercise training program in the 1 month prior to screening or planned to start one during the course of this trial.

2. Heart transplant recipient or listed for heart transplant

3. Major surgery (major according to the investigator’s assessment) performed within 90 days prior to Visit 1, or scheduled major elective surgery (e.g. hip or knee replacement) during the course of the trial.

4. Patients who must or wish to continue the intake of restricted medications (see section 4.2.2) or any drug considered likely to interfere with the safe conduct of the trial

5. Chronic alcohol or drug abuse or any condition that, in the investigator’s opinion, makes them an unreliable trial patient or unlikely to complete the trial

6. Women who are pregnant, nursing, or who plan to become pregnant while in the trial

7. Any other clinical condition that would jeopardize patients safety while participating in this trial, or may prevent the subject from adhering to the trial protocol

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Heart Health
Participating Locations
Grants Ferry - UMMC
Jackson Medical Mall - UMMC Clinics
Pavilion - UMMC
University Hospital - UMMC
Contact Information
Contact Name: Theresa Hickey Hutson
Phone Number: 601-815-8702
Email: tlhickey@umc.edu
Principal Investigator:Long, Robert C, M.D.
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