APOL1 Long-term Kidney Transplantation Outcomes Network

About this Study

This study aims to prospectively assess the effects of genetic variants on outcomes for kidneys from donors with recent African ancestry and the recipients of such kidneys after deceased- and living-donor renal transplantation. 

Sponsor Protocol ID:2019-0333
IRB Number:2019-0333
Actively Enrolling
Early Phase 1
January 27, 2020
Eligibility Criteria
Both Male and Female

Inclusion Criteria• Recipients of a kidney transplant from an eligible living or deceased donor with recent African ancestry. 

 • Recipients of multi-organ transplants including a kidney plus an additional organ (i.e. liver, heart, lung, pancreas, etc.) or pediatric en bloc and dual kidney transplants.

Exclusion Criteria• Participants who are unable or unwilling to provide informed consent. 

● Donor’s Next of Kin (NOK) did not authorize or consent to research. 

● DNA is not available from the donor.

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Kidney/Renal Conditions
Participating Locations
Batson Children’s Hospital
Pavilion - University Physicians
University Hospital
Contact Information
Contact Name: Amy Wigglesworth
Phone Number: 601-815-3464
Email: ajwigglesworth@umc.edu
Principal Investigator:Wynn, James J, M.D.
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